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Sorrento, Pompeii, & Capri

We took a high speed train from Florence to Naples. After reading a bit of Rick Steves, we wanted to avoid the “pickpocket-filled” Circumvesuviana commuter train to Sorrento, and chose a water taxi instead. All’s well that ends well, but the trek (on foot with heavy suitcases) from the train station to the dock was easily more difficult and dangerous than just taking the train (Naples is not a city where I would want to spend any time…). The ferry ride was cool though, as we got our first glimpse of Mount Vesuvius.


Though our hotel was in Sorrento, we didn’t do much but eat and sleep there. It was a very cool little village though – definitely touristy, but seemingly targeted at a more ritzy crowd. It didn’t seem quite as friendly as Florence, and not particularly easy to get to.


One day was spent exploring the Pompeii Ruins (about 30 minutes away by train).

The final full day was spent on the Isle of Capri. Upon disembarking the ferry, we set off across the island on foot. We found a great path (with lots of stairs!) taking us directly up to Anacapri, where we stopped for a bite of tiramisu and continued walking towards the famous blue grotto. img_8454


The water was too high and choppy to get a boat ride in, unfortunately, so I could only get a picture of the opening!


After reaching our only true destination (and coming up empty handed), we began the walk back to pier to catch the ferry home.




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