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Castle Hill Peak

A quick overnight to the edge of Arthur’s Pass. Coming from Christchurch, we pulled to the side of the road just before reaching Lake Lyndon (a few km prior to Porter’s ski slopes and Castle Hill rocks). It’s a common spot for tourists to stop and take pictures, but apparently also the beginning of pseudo-common trek. We first climbed the steep slope (mostly scree) up to Foggy Peak (1741m) and then continued up to Castle Hill Peak (1998m). It was a beautiful day, perfect temp and slight breeze. We back-tracked a little to set up camp in what we thought would be a decently sheltered nook between Castle and Foggy, but it really did nothing to protect from the gale force winds that started up around 9pm. After surviving a night full of noise and tent cave-ins (even with the wall of rocks we built around the tent, and the extra heavy boulders we found to hold down the pegs), we headed back towards the car, getting blown off our feet dozens of times. We also somehow ended off the main route (not that it was a marked trail, but there are certainly harder ways to go than others), which meant lots of extra rock scrambles and scree traverses – more than terrifying with a heavy pack and scary-strong winds (no surprise here, but all the pics are thus from day 1). Coffee and lunch on the way home were definitely the best ever!img_8910img_8914img_8915img_8927img_8928img_8931img_8934img_8938img_8940img_8959img_8960img_8964img_8975img_8981img_8996img_9004img_8997img_8999


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