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Mt Thomas Forest

Mt Thomas provides a lovely day walk and is a reasonable drive from Christchurch. It’s pretty steep (they don’t use the term “Pinchgut Track” here lightly…) but doesn’t take too long to get to the top, and the views (as always) are totally worth it.

Getting there…


Here we gooooooo


The final bit of the climb was particularly cool because you knew there was going to be an amazing view once you crested the hill, but you couldn’t see a thing until you got to the very top.


I definitely regretted not having my telephoto lens on me.


Solar panels at the top of the mountain…good on ya New Zealand.


And apparently a new tradition:


And of course the perfect way to end any hike is with a nice coffee and a game of Coffee Yahtzee!!


(Yes, I ended up winning)


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