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Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula

Okain’s Bay is a beautiful and popular yet magically secluded-feeling campsite on one of the Banks Peninsula’s many inlets.  The journey through the narrow and windy roads in the (volcano-made) hills make you feel like you are truly escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, though only about 50 miles away (but be sure to take your dramamine if prone to motion sickness, like myself).  One of the most relaxing and needed weekend getaways possible, and couldn’t have asked for better weather that weekend in early February.  A nice hikes to a second (and more?) beach to discover!

(This post is not appearing in chronological order, but as I’ve been too busy to write consistently, I’d like to at least attempt to get a blurb on all notable events while still fresh in my memory to have to look back on later in life)



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