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Los Angeles, CA

It’s been nearly three months since I’ve put pen to paper (unless you count grocery lists, packing lists, and school-related requirements – which I don’t).  While I have not had the correct mindset to weave a witty tale or the spiritual fortitude to be at all philosophical, I do miss documenting my journey, for my own sake.  My ‘to-blog’ list is getting a bit daunting and my photos are screaming out for acknowledgment (again, my own) and organization, so I’ve decided to post sporadic snippets of life as I feel like it (if for nothing else than to check them off and remember them later) rather than trying to tell a chronological tale.  So for a somewhat recent experience, my first time (outside of the airport) in California:

Getting ready to land in LA (from Sydney) at dawn:


And about a month later (on the return), a ten hour jaunt around the city (while killing a long layover at LAX):

Venice Beach




Griffith Observatory:





Santa Monica Pier:


I’m no city girl, but what’s not to love about a warm, sunny beach (especially having just survived January in Ohio)?  Special thanks to my top-notch personal tour guides, who rescued me from reenacting “The Terminal” for the umpteenth time.


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