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Lake Daniell Track

After a long stretch of focusing primarily on my research and other work at university, followed by a lovely getaway to the States for a few weeks, I’m now back in Christchurch and trying to jump back into the tramping and camping lifestyle full force!  This weekend I had a nice trip to the Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve, where we camped at Marble Hill campground and hiked the Lake Daniell track.  Below: the frosty drive.

IMG_42812 1

The Lake Daniell track was a 17km round trip, relatively easy hike, and had a lovely spot at the end to break for lunch. IMG_4292

Above and below: views along the hike.IMG_4315

Below: the lake (and final destination)


We had great weather for the hike, and then headed to Maruia Springs for a dip in the natural hot springs before camping in below freezing temps!  After dealing with some rain and a dead car battery the next morning, we decided to just take it easy on the way back, pausing for scenic pictures and swinging through Hanmer for coffee.  DSC_0070 DSC_0081

We had the treat of seeing a steam train making its way through the hills as we got closer to home! DSC_0074 (2)IMG_4323

Beautiful views from North Canterbury.IMG_4334 IMG_4337

And the best Mocha I’ve had in ages (or perhaps just the sweet relief of a hot, decadent beverage):IMG_4320


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