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South Island Adventures Part 5 – Queenstown, Wanaka, & Mt. Aspiring

And of course, no New Zealand adventure would be complete (at least according to the tourism books) without passing through Queenstown – the “Adventure Capital of the World”.  We didn’t stay very long (or bungee jump – maybe next time), but we did manage to get the famous Fergburger (below: longest line for a burger that you’ll ever see at any time of day) and Patagonia Ice Cream (if I lived any closer my weight would literally double).



And per our usual style, we had to compensate for all the eating with a nice hike!  The Queenstown Hill Time Walk, to be precise.





Then, because the weather was so awful the first time through, we detoured back through Wanaka for a better taste of Mt. Aspiring National Park.  Miles and miles of gravel road took us through beautiful unfenced farmland, where we encountered plenty of rogue sheep!



We had one of the warmest, sunniest days for the Rob Roy Glacier hike:






And another nice day for the extremely strenuous (5 mile track for 1 mile elevation gain) Roy’s Peak hike:




And as a nice finale, we found Patagonia Ice Cream in Wanaka as well (mascarpone cheese & fruits of the forest over fig & pistachio).  We savored by the lake before driving back to Christchurch.



We had one more low key day before the bittersweet farewell at the airport.  Until next time!


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