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South Island Adventures Part 4


Like my blogging consistency??

Yup, me too.

The good news is though, my adventures are finally outpacing my posts.  So…I shouldn’t run out of stuff to write about and have to bore you with random ramblings and recipes.  That is, if I ever get around to writing about everything.  Turns out this grad school thing is finally picking up pace. Writing research proposals, grading freshmen reports, and (somewhat pathetic) attempts to teach myself to code don’t leave me with a lot of drive to spend my spare time with more words.  Or, at least the words-putting-into-sentence-doing.  I’m fine with the mindless novels and whatnot.  But tangent over!  Here’s more on my trip:

After the Routeburn, we spent the next couple days around the Kinloch and Glenorchy area, not to far from the Mt. Aspiring end of the track.  A pretty, quiet area to retreat, but not a whole lot to do, and probably our least favorite lodging.  We had a few nice walks, but the main reason for sticking around was a horseback ride with Dart Stables.








The last post for this trip will be soon (I promise) because I have a lot of other stuff to catch up on now too!


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