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Look Out World

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve written.  When i realized that this week, at first I was inclined to think, “Wow, my life has become so boring that I have nothing to write about.”  And to be honest, I have finished two jigsaw puzzles and two novels in the relatively recent past (perhaps since my last post…), and am newly obsessed with the Duolingo app (brushing up on Spanish and beginning to explore French).  But at the same time, I’ve felt less of a need to find something to write about (or something to do just for the sake of writing about it), because life is starting to feel somewhat…wait for it…normal.  I’m by no means saying that I want to give up on the whole blog thing (quite the opposite in fact), I’m just taking it as a good sign that I forgot about it for a while.

I’ve made it to the beach several times now and it is absolutely glorious.  I have to say, Ohio is really missing out on the whole ocean thing.  I’ve also been keeping up with my running resolution – I’ve done 58 miles so far this month (only noteworthy in the sense that I’ve never been able to be consistent without a concrete event in the imminent future), am pushing a 5k PR, and definitely got a new 10k PR.  I’ve also been trying to incorporate a lifting regiment to my exercise routine.  The relatively small weightroom at my gym is usually crowded and intimidating, but I’m already seeing progress in both my physical appearance… and my confidence actually using the weight machines in public (haha).

On the school front, I’ve had a recent and sudden change in status from “I’m-so-overwhelmed-because-I-have-no-idea-what-I-should-be-doing” to “I’m-so-overwhelmed-because-I-have-so-much-to-do.”  I’ve gone from struggling to stay in the office until 4, to struggling to get home by 6.  This may seem like a lateral move, but I’d much rather be feeling overwhelmed by a full plate than an empty one.  Busy is my norm, my comfort zone.  Now instead of stressing out that I’m not doing enough to feel stressed out, I can just be happy with being stressed out!  I may be begging for the empty plate back in about a month, but for now I will revel in it.

Lastly for this quick update – I am just a little more than 48 hours out from picking up one of my best friends from the airport!  We have two full weeks of adventure planned, and will be taking the South Island by storm.  The road trip and tramping adventures will be AMAZING, but my excitement for that is completely overshadowed by the fact after more than four months, I will finally be reunited, however (unfortunately) temporarily, with one of my missing pieces.  So on that note, no stories for the next 2ish weeks.  I’ll actually be out living the dream, not just writing about it 😉


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