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Godley Head and Taylor’s Mistake

This weekend I sought out a beautiful new walk at a place called Godley Head.  I’ve been wanting to check out Taylor’s Mistake beach on the far side of Sumner, and since it’s a bit of a difficult drive to get there (and they’re right next to each other), I figured I should kill two birds with one stone.  I parked at the beach, and there’s a bit of a trail that leads up the hill and away from where you think you’d want to go.



Godley Head is basically your stereotypical New Zealand hill with beautiful wild grasses and such, but as it seems to rise straight out of the water, there are beautiful cliffs as well.  I almost felt like I was back in Puerto Rico.  It was a coastal defense battery in the early 1900s, so there were also some cool military heritage sites to be discovered along the way.


These pictures don’t really do the colors justice – the water was a radiant shade of blue-green.  It was truly breathtaking.


It seemed like I could have walked forever, but after an hour and a half I decided I should probably start heading back.  Even though it doesn’t get as hot or humid as Ohio, the sun is much more intense.  And since I had gotten my peaceful and leisurely nature walk, I took advantage of the hills and natural workout opportunity and ran back to the beach to avoid having to run once I got home (and to save time).


The drive out was quite scary, as you have to tackle a narrow, winding, steep road with lots of switchbacks, blind turns, and earthquake damage, so I don’t think I’ll be making the trip on a regular basis (it also took almost an hour to get there).  The acclaimed beach was also a bit disappointing, although that may just be because it was so darn crowded!  I wanted to take my first dip in the Pacific Ocean, but alas, I just sat on the beach to rest a bit before heading home.



4 thoughts on “Godley Head and Taylor’s Mistake

  1. Pictures and words have inspired me to go outside and romp with the pup. It is a balmy
    6 degrees F with 6 inches of snow. You may be jealous of the snow, as I am jealous of the warmth! Beautiful in different ways….

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