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10 Ways You Know You’re an Adult (but not really)

1. Ice cream for dinner, just because you can, doesn’t actually sound that great anymore (but a whole pint after your spinach salad and baked chicken breast?  Now THAT’S another story…).

2. You’ve actually gone car shopping BY YOURSELF (you may have gone screaming in the opposite direction because it was too overwhelming and you knew someone was trying to take advantage of your age and complete naiveté about cars…but it’s the thought that counts).

3. You do all your own grocery shopping, and you’re becoming quite competent.  All of the major food groups can be found in your pantry/fridge at any given time (disclaimer: the major food groups are coffee, chocolate, and ice cream).

4. You can cook pretty much anything (as long as it’s pasta or cookies…anything else: text mom for the way she does it).

5. You vow, from this moment forward, to wear sunscreen every day, and deeply regret all the sunburns you’ve gotten the last few years (except when you start to look a bit pasty…a couple days off won’t matter…).

6. You actually WANT to hear the news.  You feel highly disturbed when you find you’ve been out of the loop for a week at a time (but just 5 minutes on the nightly news show or skimming the CNN website headlines will usually do.  Because let’s be honest, it’s depressing.  And not as interesting as the episode of HIMYM that you’ve already seen).

7. You know what’s it like to have a full-time job, and you think you’d rather that than be a full-time student again (until I get my next full-time job, at which point I’ll probably rather be a full-time student).

8. You moved, on your own, far from home, and have only vague, indefinite plans for your when your next visit will be (but you are fully prepared to regress 10 years when that visit finally comes).

9. You keep a spreadsheet for your budget, and frequently check up on your bank, credit card, and investment accounts (your go-to time for this activity may or may not be while watching Disney movies).

10. You can’t remember the last time you colored or made a friendship bracelet (but this is more due to lack of opportunity.  Because you still really like coloring and making friendship bracelets).

In other words, I guess I’m at the stage in my life where I can be an adult when I need to, but I usually don’t want to.  I’ll deal with responsibility, just don’t make me give up my stuffed animals and crayons.


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