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Show Day

I had this Friday off for “Show Day” – a regional public holiday for Canterbury’s anniversary.  Though the current state of my research means I could take just about any day off, I like it much better when the social custom tells me to.  I think the Christchurch Botanical Gardens are just about my favorite place here – at least of those that I can get to by bike.  I did some errands and cooking, but the highlight of my day was reading in the sunshine for a few hours in the Garden.

Reading has always been one of my favorite things, but back home it seemed there was never enough time in the day for it.  Here though, it seems I actually have time to do the things I consider “leisure” activities.  This probably won’t last past summer, but for now I’m trying to be thankful for it, as opposed to feeling guilty for not spending more time working, or even lazy for not doing things that seem “active” or “productive.”  This is totally against my nature, but there’s not much I can do but try my best to accept it.  In a way, I’d rather be busy – being super busy with work and going off on expeditions all the time and spending every evening with friends and getting caught up in the daily grind that seems to make life pass so fast that you don’t have time to notice or think about it.  But conversely, I’ve always wanted things to slow down a bit.  If I can suppress the inner voice that says “you should be doing something right now,” i admittedly adore sleeping in on weekends followed by lazily drinking coffee and watching a marathon of something good (let’s be honest – probably Gilmore Girls, I Love Lucy, or Disney movies).

So now that I’ve found a nice spot, I’m going to try to get to the Gardens more often to just read, think (but not too hard), relax, and enjoy the sun and nature.  Because enjoying yourself IS doing something – something quite important.



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