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Another great beach day…

…and much-needed reminder of why I’m here on the other side of the world (besides the studies, which have been a bit of a struggle).


My first friend and original flatmate in Christchurch brought me along on another beach adventure.  This time we decided to check out the suburb of Sumner – a slightly farther but more traditionally “beachy” town – finally, a place where I can picture myself spending free weekends!  New Brighton Beach was very long and flat and would be ideal for running, but the Sumner Esplanade just had that happy, summery, beachy feeling.  There were also several fun surf shops, coffee and lunch places, and ice cream parlors to add to the cliche (and desirable!) beach vibe.


The bus trip was an hour each way, and we spent the majority of Saturday afternoon just lazing on the sand playing Rummy cup, napping, reading, snacking, and chatting.

IMG_1750  IMG_1749

Towards the end of the day we went to the adorable beach coffee bar for a delicious hot drink on the patio (it was a sunny day, but it’s still quite breezy and chilly here).


As we sipped our coffees, it took all the self control I could muster to refrain from attacking this dog with cuddles.


And then, as a storefront on the walk back to the bus stop had a delicious-looking variety of homemade ice cream, we of course had to indulge ourselves one more time.


I hear that Sumner actually has several nice beaches besides the main esplanade: a scenic and secluded cove where the serious surfers like to go (Taylor’s Mistake), in addition to a large park that expands through an entire peninsula (about 5km in perimeter) with walking paths along the cliffs that overlook the ocean (Godley Head).  We’ll definitely have to do some exploring when we come back!  And perhaps some kite-surfing lessons…


Even though the Sumner area was one of the worst hit by the earthquakes, if you compared its current state to the state of the central city, you certainly wouldn’t think this.  Perhaps surfers and beach dwellers are inherently more resilient and cling to the positivity of their lifestyle, or maybe you just don’t notice the destruction as much with the beautiful beach as a more distracting and happy sight to focus on.  Either way, I think I’ll try to get to Sumner more often!IMG_1746 IMG_1760


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